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Our Athletes

MDWSA Athlete - Doug Doug C

Read Doug's story in the 2008 Annual Giving Letter to the right.

See how MDWSA can help make a difference!
2008 Annual Giving Letter

MDWSA Athlete - Doug Vito L

Vito is the MDWSA Vice-President and has been working with disabled athletes through various organizations for over 10 years.

MDWSA Athlete - Rudy Rudy K

Rudy is one of MDWSA's "show up every time" athletes! Read Rudy's SUMMER SPLASH observations letter to MDWSA. He sums up the event nicely from an athlete's perspective!

See how MDWSA can help make a difference!
Rudy K Letter to MDWSA

Check back as more MDWSA Athletes are added!