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The Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association was founded with the vision and understanding that a professionally organized program of adaptive water skiing for children and adults with disabilities will energize them beyond their rehabilitation as a means to maintain a healthy, active, and well-balanced lifestyle.

MDWSA will work with children and adults who have acquired spinal cord injuries from accidents and diseases that result in paralysis such as, Spina Bifida, orthopedic disabilities (amputations and hip and knee replacements), cerebral palsy, acquired head injuries, polio, as well as other neuromuscular disorders. Additionally, those with vision impairments or mental retardation will greatly benefit from participation in adaptive water skiing.

The philosophical and fundamental goals of MDWSA are as follows: to expand its reach and effectiveness through a professionally developed and focused program of water skiing for anyone with a disability; to work cooperatively with organizations throughout the region that work with the disabled; to create a regional showcase for adaptive water ski opportunities for both the recreational and competitive water skier; to elevate standards of accessibility and inclusion at area lakes and waterways; to promote a greater public awareness of those with disabilities; to unite the community and region through water skiing for the disabled; and to be attractive to corporate and community sponsors.